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לפרסום באתר חייגו:

Unprotected sublease contract

Which was held and signed on _________ on _________ for the month ___________ year

Between: ___________ ID___________

Address: _________________

(Hereinafter: "the Lessor") on the one hand

And: ___________ ID___________

Address: _________________

(Hereinafter: "the Lessee") on the other

WHEREAS: On the day of ________, a non-protected rental agreement was signed between the landlord and ___________ (hereinafter: the "Owner"), under which the owner leased to the landlord an apartment of ___ m², including a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room and a service room, (Hereinafter: the "Apartment").

And WHEREAS: The landlord wishes to rent an unprotected sublease to the lessee a part of the leased property which is: _______________________ for a period of ____ months from the date of __________ until the date ___________ (hereinafter: "the leased property").

WHEREAS: The tenant wishes to rent the rented property in an unprotected lease and in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

Therefore, the parties agreed as follows:

1. The engagement: The landlord rents the rented property to the tenant in unprotected sublease.

2. Use: The tenant undertakes to use the property for residential purposes only. The tenant will allow any third party to make use of the property for any purpose, including joint housing with it.

3. Period of the lease: ____ months from the day of __________ until the day __________.

4. Rent: The tenant will pay the landlord on the first of each month a rental fee of ______ $ for the next rental month. The rent will be paid to checks payable to the landlord or to the owner's order, according to the landlord's order. Payment shall be considered as payment of a check only, and not as delivery. Upon the signing of this Agreement, the Lessee shall deliver to the landlord __ consecutive monthly checks in respect of the rent.

The tenant will pay the full amount of the rent until the end of the rental period, even if he ceases to use the property for any reason whatsoever.

5. Shared areas: The tenant will be entitled to make reasonable use of the common areas in the apartment (kitchen, living room and toilets) in a manner that will not prevent reasonable use by the landlord. The tenant shall be solely and absolutely responsible for any damage, of any kind and kind, caused to himself and / or to any of his guests in the apartment and he shall indemnify the landlord with his first demand for any expense and loss caused to him by reason of a demand or claim filed against him for such damage.

6. Additional taxes and payments: In addition to the rent, the tenant will pay the full amount of the expenses.

7. The tenant's declaration: The tenant declares that he has visited the property and that he has found it and all the equipment and fixtures in it, in a good condition, proper and appropriate to his needs, and he waives all claims and choices of any kind to the landlord regarding the property, including in connection with his condition and surroundings.

8. Changes and repair of damages: The tenant undertakes not to make any change in the apartment or in the rented property without receiving the landlord's prior written consent. In addition, the tenant undertakes to repair at his expense damages caused by the tenant or any of his guests during the period of the contract, which will be borne by the tenant.

9. Termination of the agreement and removal of the rented property:

9.1. This Agreement shall terminate immediately in the event that the Tenancy Agreement between the Landlord and the Owner terminates for any reason.

9.2. At the end of the sublease, the tenant will return the rented property when it is clean, whitewashed free of any person and object and all its systems are in order.

9.3. In the event that the tenant violates any provision included in this agreement, the landlord will be entitled to terminate the sublease and demand the immediate evacuation of the rented property, in addition to his right to indemnification and compensation for any damage, loss and expense incurred by him.

9.4. In the event that the tenant fails to meet his obligations to pay rent, to pay payments and taxes that apply to him and / or to vacate the rented property on time, the landlord will be entitled to receive from the tenant, in addition to any other relief he may meet, Of arrears, without derogating from any relief and other right granted to him under the agreement or in law.

As evidence, we have signed today:

The landlord___________

The Tenant___________